Detski kat organize birthdays throughout the year. Your holiday will be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests ! On the island or tent?  All Your asks for this most important day, will be beautifully prepared and arranged by our staff . For fun we cater the best characters from fairy tales and movies. More attractions will be pass without waiting, and after you complete the mission set by us, you will learn the secret of the park!

Price of basic package up to 10 children *

animator, 3 attractions ** treats ( cookies, crackers , popcorn, grizki, ex. ), invitations, decorations , face art - 180 Levs

* For each child pays 5 lev more to the basic package.

** For each attraction 1 lev for child.

For more information email us or call phone 0897847020

Detski kat