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Lev 50 / 86 points /

Lev 40 / 63 points /

Lev 30 / 43 points / 
Lev 20 / 25 points / 
Lev 15 / 17 points / 
Lev 10 / 11 points / 


Fares in a single use of the facility :
facility for 2 points 3.00 lev
for installation of 4  points 4.00 lev
Attention! - The price of the package is paid 1 lev deposit , while returning the used card deposit is refundable. Validity of the card is one year from the last recharge. One card is valid for the entire playground and can be used by more than one person.

If you love gaming and entertainment playground is a good place that will offer you to enjoy attractions and restaurants and our park. To stay in the Playground unforgettable pleasure , we ask you to follow strictly the instructions of the staff and the instructions for use of Attractions. Playground Varna welcomes your comments and suggestions . You can contact us for more information using the online form link or by phone as you and visit us directly at the address . Playground is not only a place of entertainment and a favorite place for recreation and entertainment of the citizens and guests of Varna.
General rules :
Observe safety rules when using attractions and strictly follow the instructions of staff
Observe age limits for different equipment Do not leave children unattended
Not endanger your own safety and that of other visitors
Keep the park clean
Keep your pets with the necessary protection equipment
Playground is not responsible for accidents resulting from violation of safety rules and lost belongings.
For intentional damages Playground reserves the right to hold the perpetrators.

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